1)      The Holy Bible/the Word of God

The perfect and complete revelation of God to man, start the study from Gen.1:1, always compare Scripture with Scripture only, Typology, the Kingdom of God/Heavens

2)      Foundational framework (Gen.1:1 – 2:3)

God, creation, angels, Satan, hell, man, fall, redemption, Ages and Dispensations – based on the foundational framework of Gen.1:1 to Gen.2:3

  1. TWO Ages – Eph.1:21, Matt.12:32
    This present age – 6000 years – age of the grace of God
    The coming age – 1000 years – age of the glory of Christ – a dual kingdom
  2. THREE Dispensations in this present age, 2000 years each

 i.      Dispensation of the NATIONS – Gen.1 to Gen.11 – Gen.1:26-28

 ii.      Dispensation of the JEWS – Gen.12 to Acts 2 – Isa.43:1, 7, Gen.12:1-3, Exo.19:5, 6, Rom.9:4, 5, Rom.11:26, 27

 iii.      Dispensation of the CHURCH – 2Cor.5:17, Eph.2:10, Gal.3:29, Matt.21:43

3)      Salvation

  •  THREE Aspects of Salvation
  1. Past completed 2. Present continuous 3. Future
  Spirit Soul Body
A race Start Run Finish
Wilderness  Journey Deliverance from Egypt Journey through the wilderness Entry into the Promised Land
  • FOUR things about Salvation

1) Eternal Life, 2) Failures, 3) Relationship & Fellowship, 4) Rewards

  • Two Gospels

i.      Gospel of the Grace of God – the good news of His 1st Coming – for the unsaved, Free Gift of Eternal Life, not according to our works, Saved by grace through Faith

ii.      Gospel of the Glory of Christ – the good news of His 2nd Coming – for the saved, Rewards (share in His Glory & Power) according our works done by Him in & through us, Live by Faith

  • The conflict of the centuries between Calvinists and Armenians

4)      Baptism

  1. Means IMMERSION, merge/unite/become one
  2. Express oneness with/identify with the Lord Jesus Christ in His death, burial & resurrection, the outward testimony of what has already happened inwardly
  3. Wrong teachings on Baptism – proper meaning of Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, 22:16, etc

5)      The Holy Spirit

  1. Sealed & Indwelt – Eph.1:13, John 14:16; 2Cor.1:21, 22
  2. Filling – Eph.4:30-32, 5:18
  3. Pouring – Joel 2: 27-32, Isa.32: 12-18, Isa.44: 1-8, Ezek.39: 28,29, Zech.12: 8 – 13: 1

6)      Quiet time, personal and family devotion

7)      Discipleship, Witnessing/Evangelism

8)      The Church – His body, His dwelling place, His bride

9)      Meaning of – heaven, hell, sheol, gehenna, outer darkness, “signs, wonders & miracles”

10)   Rapture, coming glorious Millennial Kingdom