Conclusion – Part 10

Mysteries of The Kingdom of the Heavens

Part 10


Matt.13:51, 52


We have studied in detail the seven parables of Mathew Chapter 13 given by our Lord about the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens. And at the end of this sermon, the Lord gave the conclusive remarks seen in verses 51 and 52: Jesus said to them, “Have you understood all these things?” They said to Him, “Yes, Lord.” Then He said to them, “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”

The importance of the Word of the Kingdom

The Word of the Kingdom “the message surrounding the Kingdom of the Heavens (Matt.13:11, 19, 24)” is the central message of the New Testament (Please see the introductory parts of this series of study). A person understanding this message will possess a foundation to properly understand the whole Bible. Not only will he be able to go to the Scriptures and bring forth things which are “old” (things he has already seen and understood) but he will also be able, from the things which are “old,” to begin seeing and bringing forth things which are “new” as well (things he has not previously seen and understood). However, if this message surrounding the Kingdom of the Heavens is not understood, that person will not have a proper foundation to study the Scriptures and his understanding of the Word of God will be adversely affected.

Satan corrupting the Word of the Kingdom

Satan knows that if he can corrupt or destroy that which will open the door to a proper understanding of the Scriptures, he can best accomplish the purpose for his present work among the believers. We have seen Satan’s continuous work of subverting the Word of the Kingdom in the first four parables. As seen in the fourth parable, the false messages (leaven) introduced by Satan from the beginning of this dispensation will continue to corrupt the true message throughout this dispensation until the whole has been corrupted.

The absence of the Word of the Kingdom

Because of the working of a leavening process which is in its final stages, the true Biblical message surrounding believers and the coming kingdom is practically nonexistent throughout Christendom today. Insofar as any understanding and proclamation of the Word of the Kingdom is concerned, the fundamental groups find themselves in exactly the same state as the liberal groups. There is absolutely no difference between the two groups in this respect. Neither understands nor proclaims this message.

Entry into the coming kingdom is the goal/purpose of our redemption

In the beginning of this dispensation, God sent the Holy Spirit into the world to prepare a bride for His Son from among the members of His family. We see it in the type in Gen.24; Abraham sending his servant to procure a bride for his own son from among his own family. We see this also in God taking a bride for Adam from the body of Adam (Gen.2:21-25). As soon as we are saved, we are added to His family and also become members of the body of Christ (John 1:12; Acts 2:47; 1Cor.12:12, 13). The Holy Spirit is working in the church to prepare us to become the bride of Christ. If we overcome Satan’s subversions and fully yield to the Holy Spirit, we will become the bride of Christ, fit to partake in His glory and power which will be fully manifested in the Millennial Era. This is the goal and the purpose of Christian life. On the contrary, if we are overcome by Satan working through the flesh and the world, we will not have any part with Christ in His coming kingdom.

The corruption of the Word of the Kingdom

Today believers are totally blinded to their goal and purpose. To understand why conditions in Christendom are as they presently exist, one has to go back in history and follow the course of events leading into the presently existing situation. But the vast volumes of church history written by man are of no value to those who want to study it in relation to the Word of the Kingdom. One has to look into the Scriptures only and see what God has to say in this matter. In the Book of Acts and the Epistles which deal with the Church during a part of the first century, we find that the Word of the Kingdom was steadfastly emphasized. But there are two other portions of Scripture which deal with a history of the Church throughout the dispensation. The first presents a history of the Church in relation to the Word of the Kingdom using parables in Matthew chapter thirteen; the second presents a history of the Church in relation to the Word of the Kingdom using epistles to seven existing Churches in Asia in Revelation chapters two and three. But both show exactly the same thing. The Church is revealed to have begun one way (a mustard bush, an entity laboring for Christ’s sake [Matt. 13:32; Rev. 2:2, 3]), but the Church is seen ending another way (a tree, a completely leavened entity, one neither cold nor hot, one described as “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” [Matt. 13:32, 33; Rev. 3:15-17]).

Will the Word of the Kingdom be understood and proclaimed?

Today, a vast majority of believers are unaware of the goal and purpose of their redemption. Consequently, when Christ appears in glory, most of the believers will be unprepared and unfit to enter into His glorious kingdom. Their eyes can be opened to the truth of the existing situation, only through the Word of the Kingdom being presented to them and being accepted by them. But will such a thing occur during the present dispensation? Will the truth about the coming kingdom ever be proclaimed in such a manner that it will be accepted, allowing the eyes of believers to be opened?