Introduction – Part 01

Mysteries of

The Kingdom of the Heavens

(A study of the seven parables in Matthew Chapter 13)

Part 01



For a study of the seven parables in Matt.13, we can give one of the following two titles

  1. “mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens” v.11

  2. “the Word of the Kingdom” v.19

First of all we should properly understand the meaning of these two phrases.



“Mystery” in the New Testament has to do with – an opening up and unveiling of that which is already given in the Old Testament from the beginning.


“The Kingdom of the Heavens”

In the Bible, “the Kingdom of God” refers to the eternal rule of God over the whole of His vast creation, Psa.103:19, 90:1-2, Jer.10:10, etc.

God has created innumerable angels and appointed each one of them over each of the provinces of His vast creation. The rule of these angels from the heavens (heavenly places) over the provinces allocated under each of them is called “the Kingdom of the Heavens.” To assist these angels, God has created and placed innumerable number of subordinate angels under each of these angels Psa.103:20-22.


Please note that these two terms, “the Kingdom of God” and “the Kingdom of the Heavens” are often used interchangeably in the Bible.


Satan is the angel originally created and appointed to rule over the earth (Ezek.28:14, 15, Job 1:6, 2:1). But he exalted himself and desired to become greater than all other ruling angels and be like the Most High God (Isa.14:12-15, Ezek.28:17). Consequently he was rejected and his province, the earth was ruined (Gen.1:2). And though he is disqualified, he continues to rule (Luke 4:6, John 12:31, 14:30, 2Cor.4:4). He will continue to rule till Christ and His joint-heirs are fully prepared to replace him. But in the future, during the coming Lord’s Day, angels will no longer rule from this realm. Rather, Man – namely, Christ and His co-heirs – will take the scepter and rule from this realm (Heb. 2:5-10, 4:4-9, 5:6, 10, Ps. 110:1-4). This restoration of order in the heavens is covered by the seven parables in this message, “the mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens”. And this is the message covered by the whole Bible.


“The Word of the Kingdom”

“The Word of the Kingdom” is not the same as “the Gospel of the Grace of God.”

“The Gospel of the Grace of God” is the good news given to the unsaved man, John 3:16, 1:12, Eph.2:8, 9, etc. Man is born in sin and is going to perish in eternal hell, eternally separated from God. But God loves him and has sacrificed His only begotten Son in man’s place, so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but will receive the free gift (not according to our works) of eternal life, eternally be united with God.

On the contrary, “the Word of the Kingdom” is the good news given to the saved individuals, about the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ and about the kind of life we should live if we want to enter into His coming kingdom. “The Word of the Kingdom” can also be called “the Gospel of the Glory of Christ.” At that time of His glorious return, we (who are saved) will all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ (2Cor.5:10) and will be rewarded according to our works. These works are only what our Lord Himself has done in us and through us. These rewards will be a share in His power and glory, and proffered positions in His coming Millennial Kingdom. If we are found unworthy, we will not receive any of these rewards, and our condition will be as though, “we have not entered that kingdom.”