PARABLE of Mustard Seed – 04

Mysteries of

The Kingdom of the Heavens


Part 04

PARABLE of Mustard Seed

Matt.13:31, 32


In the first parable, the Parable of the Sower, Satan’s activity prevented fruit-bearing in three parts of those who heard the Word of the Kingdom. Only one part of them (the good ground) was fruitful. They attentively hear and understand the Word of the Kingdom (unlike the wayside), refuse to allow tribulation or persecution to hinder their progress towards maturity (unlike the stony ground), keep their eyes focused on the goal out ahead rather than the present world system (unlike the thorny ground) and bring forth fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

Then in the second parable, the Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Satan is seen sowing Tares among those who are bearing fruit. He is doing this in order to stop those who bear fruit. But there are a few who overcome the world, the flesh and the devil and bring forth fruit (Matt.21:43) and in the coming Messianic Kingdom will occupy positions exactly commensurate with their fruit-bearing (see Matt.20:21-23, 1Cor.3:8, 14, 15, Heb.2:2, 11:26, 10:35).

In this third parable (Matt.13:31, 32), we see Satan’s continued activity to stop fruit-bearing.

  1. This parable starts with a mustard seed, the least of all the seeds. When we hear the Gospel of the Grace of God, we are saved by grace through simple faith.
  2. Thereafter we hear the Word of the Kingdom and the outcome would be proper growth of the sons of the kingdom (1Pet.2:1, 2; James 1:21; Acts 20:32). They would become greater than the herbs and result in fruitfulness.
  3. But it grows on abnormally and becomes a tree. The presence of tares leads to an abnormal/false growth of the good seeds – results in large branches being occupied by false teachers (Matt.13:4, 19; Mark 4:32)

The Tares planted among the good seed are contrary minded individuals which became/gave place to False Teachers. Through their false message called “destructive heresies,” they were denying the plan of God and the things concerning the glorious return of Christ 2Pet.3:3-9. Thus, Satan corrupted the foundations of the Word of the Kingdom. Therefore, the herb became a tree – false/unnatural growth, occupied by the birds – false teachers planted by the enemy (Matt.13:4, 19).


In the oldest parable mentioned in Judges 9:8-15, trees refer to national powers. In Dan.4:10-12, 20-22, the great tree refers to the power of the nation of Babylon. In Joel 1:7 and in other places the Fig Tree refers to the nation of Israel. The trees of Matt.21:18, 19, and 24:32, Luke 21:29 refer to Israel and other nations. Thus the tree refers to political/national power.

The greatest of herbs becomes a tree – organism becomes an organization

In the second and third centuries Satan tried to destroy the church by severely persecuting the believers through the Roman government. But the more severe the persecution, the faster was the growth of the church. Later Satan changed his strategy, to weaken the church from within. In the fourth century, the Roman Emperor Constantine became a Christian for doubtful reasons. Later in 380AD Christianity was recognized as one of the state religions, and in 395AD Christianity was declared as the only state religion of the entire Roman Empire. Then the church yielded to Satan’s temptations and began to associate with the Gentile world power under the present kingdom of Satan. Instead of continuing as organisms, the local churches became big organizations. Thus the church branched out and became a tree giving room for the tares (unfruitful and false) to settle in its branches.

Beware of pride & self-exaltation

There is a natural desire in every man to become great and be exalted. We belong to the Lord Jesus, who was equal to God, but left all His heavenly glory and took the form of a servant, humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even to the death of the cross (Phil2:5-8). But, Satan’s nature of exalting himself has not gone away from us (Isa.14:12-14). Pride has not left us and we always want to become great. Satan makes use of this natural desire entrenched in us and tempts us to become big. Our continual prayers should be, “Lord, make me humble and take away this desire which is in me, to exalt myself.”

CHOOSE NOW: The present kingdom OR the coming glorious kingdom

We should not have any part in the present kingdom of this age, which is under Satan, Luke 4:5-7; John 6:15; 18:36. But instead, we will be occupying positions of power and authority with Christ in the Messianic Kingdom of the coming age. This present system of government is going to be completely destroyed by Christ on His return (Dan.2:34, 35, 44, and 45). At that time everything associated with this system also will be destroyed (1Cor.3:11-15). Do not seek after vain glory, great wealth, massive appearances, hierarchical leaderships, etc within the church. The works/fruitfulness of those who have nothing to do with the present kingdom will alone be rewarded by Christ with commensurate positions in the coming glorious kingdom.