Parable of the Pearl of Great Price – 08

Mysteries of

The Kingdom of the Heavens


Part 08

Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

Matt.13:45, 46


This is the sixth of the seven parables of Matthew Chapter 13 and it is the second parable given by our Lord after He re-entered the house. Here the Man (1) seeking goodly pearls (2) found one pearl of great price (3) went and sold all that He had and (4) bought it. In the previous parable the Man sold all that He had and bought the field. In both these parables, selling all that He had and paying the price refers to Christ’s past, finished work at Calvary. And neither the purchase of the pearl in this parable nor the purchase of the field in the previous parable refers to man’s eternal salvation because we are dealing here with the mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens. The subject matter of all these parables is not salvation by grace through faith but rather it is all about the Word of the Kingdom.

The present continuous work – formation of the pearl

Because of the past completed work of Christ, God is doing a present continuous work in all of us who are not only saved by grace through faith but also added to the church. He is presently providing a continuous cleansing for all believers on the basis of His Own blood on the mercy seat in the heavenly sanctuary (1John 1:7-2:2). And this cleansing has nothing to do with one’s eternal salvation. It is a cleansing provided for those who are already saved, with a view to bringing “many sons unto glory” at a future time (Heb.2:10). His present work (1John 1:7 – 2:2) is being accomplished both by Christ the high priest in the heavenly sanctuary and the Holy Spirit (within us and among us) in the church. Now a future work can be accomplished, based on the past and present work with respect to that seen in the symbolism of the purchase of both “the field” and “the pearl” in Matt.13:44-46 – a work which His present ministry both in the sanctuary and in the church anticipates.

The field – the world

“The field” refers to the world in which “the treasure” (Israel) is now scattered (hidden); and this “field” is the inheritance, which will be possessed by Christ and His Bride in the coming kingdom. The purchase/redemption of the field (the earth) will take place in the future as we have seen in the previous part (Part 06) of this study.

The pearl – the bride

“Pearl” is found in oyster which comes from the sea. Oysters live deep in the murky and brackish waters of the sea and the precious pearl is formed in them unnoticed by any. Oyster does not have fins and scales and so it is unclean for the Jews (Lev.11:9-12) and it comes from the sea, and the sea refers to the Gentiles. So we can easily see that the pearl refers to the church, and more specifically to the “bride.” Though we are all saved through His finished work at Calvary, those from among us, who are worthy to become the joint-heirs of Christ and enter into His coming kingdom will be revealed through the decisions and determinations at the Judgment Seat of Christ (2Cor.5:10; Matt.16:27; Matt.25:20-23; Luke 19:16-19; the overcomers in Rev.2 & 3; etc). The quiet and gradual preparation of these worthy ones occurs throughout this present dispensation, unseen and unrecognized by any.

Preparation & revelation of the bride

Redemption of the forfeited inheritance and disclosure of the bride in Ruth Ch.4 occurs after Ruth Ch.1, 2 and 3. The redemptive act of Ruth Ch.4 comes after the redemptive act of Ruth Ch.1 “through the death of another. And moving these things over into the antitype, Christ’s redemptive act, seen in this fourth chapter of Ruth (typified by Boaz’s redemptive act), will occur at exactly after the same order of actions. It will occur after individuals have become members of the family (Ch.1), after those in the family have gleaned in the field (the world) and beat out daily, that which they have gleaned throughout the time of harvest (Ch.2), after those in the family have prepared themselves for meeting Christ (Ch.3a), and after they have met Christ on His threshing floor at midnight (Ch.3b), i.e. met Christ at His judgment seat, at the termination of the present dispensation.

Revelation of the bride – pearl of great price

In Rom.8:19-22, we can see how the revealing of the sons of God will occur simultaneously with the redemption of the forfeited inheritance. By the end of the 7X3 judgments i.e. the divine complete redemptive act seen in Revelation six through nineteen, Christ will not only have purchased the field (the earth – 5th parable) but also will have purchased the pearl as well (the bride – then His wife – 6th parable). The bride searched and prepared like a pearl of great price during the previous dispensation is revealed at the end of the dispensation before the ushering in of the Millennial Era (Rev.19:7-9; 21:9). This leads to the awe and excitement of Rev.19:4, 5, 6, and 10. Though the church is unseen in both the type and in the anti-type, church is behind everything happening in Revelation six through eighteen (Gen.24; Ruth 4; Rev.5-19).