Abraham Part 11


A study

Part 11

This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the Church. (Eph.5: 32)

After the “Sacrifice” of Isaac and then the Death of Sarah we now come to the Marriage of Isaac in Gen.24. This is a very important event that occurred in Abraham’s life when he was 140years of age and Isaac was 40. In this Chapter we have many LESSONS for our life and also many TYPOLOGICAL TRUTHS that reveal God’s plans.

LESSONS for our admonition

Abraham’s conditions for a bride for his son

  1. Do not take a bride from the heathen. (v.3,4) – We should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. 2Cor.6:14-18 Whether in marriage, business, or in any other matter we should not join with unbelievers.
  2. Do not take away my son to her land. (v.5,6,8) – We should not go away from the will of God even while fulfilling our genuine obligations in this world.

Isaac’s life

  1. He is Prayerful. (v.62,63) – We must pray much and wait upon the Lord to know His will before we make important decisions in our life.
  2. Accepts Abraham’s ways. (v.66,67) – We must be always willing to accept the will of God in every matter of our life.

Servant’s accomplishment

  1. Prayerful (v.12-14) – To receive the true blessings of our Lord, we must put away our own will and plans, set aside the wisdom of this world and pray and seek God’s guidance and help before stepping into any activity.
  2. Diligent in his business (v.33,54,56) – While doing the will of God we should not hesitate and linger or be distracted by other things.
  3. Thanks and worships the Lord whenever anything is accomplished. (v.26,52) – We must give thanks to the Lord and worship for each and every blessing we receive. (1Thess.5:18)

Rebekah’s willingness

  1. Ready to do good far more than what was demanded from her (v.17-20,25) – Whenever there is opportunity we must be willing to do good to others. (James 4:17)
  2. Ready to obey (v.58) – When we hear the voice of God, we should be quick to obey. We should not invent reasons to delay or disobey.

Important TYPOLOGICAL Truths

  1. The MARRIAGE: The marriage of Isaac & Rebekah typifies the future marriage of the Lord Jesus Christ and His bride. (Eph.5:32, Rev.19:7-9)
  2. ABRAHAM: Well stricken in age, greatly blessed and possessing great riches (v.1,35) typifies God the Father, Who sent the Holy Spirit into the midst of His own people (John 1:12) to prepare from among them a Bride for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. ISAAC: The only beloved and obedient son of Abraham to whom the father had given all that he had (v.36) typifies the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 3:35, Matt.28:18, Heb.11:17-19)
  4. The SERVANT: In whose hands were entrusted all the goods of his master and sent to the family of his master, not to speak about himself, but with the specific purpose of revealing the possessions, wealth, and glories belonging to the son of his master. He was to do all these with the sole purpose of choosing and preparing a bride for the master’s son. (v.10,22,53) He typifies the Holy Spirit and His particular ministry within the Church in the present dispensation. (John 16:13-15, 1Cor.12:4,7-11, Gal.5:22,23)
  5. REBEKAH: A member of the family, a virgin, who felt the need and was able to draw sufficient water from the well and was willing to obey instantly as against the complacent attitude of many other members of the family. She typifies (v.15-22,55,58) those believers who will be chosen to become the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 1:12, Rom.8:17, Matt.25:1-13, Eph.5:18-20, Col.3:16,17)

    These believers, who will be CHOSEN to become the Bride, will have the following special characteristics:

    They dwell deeply in the Word of God. They keenly hear and sincerely obey the Word of God even against all kinds of oppositions, losses and shame. Like Moses (Heb.11:24-26) they are able to see the future glories that are to be revealed in us and are able to reject all that the present world offers. (Rom.8:17,18) Like Paul they see and focus their attention on the invisible, eternal and glorious things. (2Cor.4:17,18)

    Such believers will be seen on that day to posses a wedding garment (the veil) weaved out of their righteous acts of patient obedience. (Rev.19:8, Psa.45:14, Matt.22:11-14) This will be another garment in addition to the garment of salvation given as a free gift to ALL believers because of the righteous act accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. (Psa.45:13, Rom.3:24, 6:23)

    Only such believers will be fully prepared to say without any hesitation “I will GO,” when they are asked the vital question, “Wilt thou go?” But once a believer begins to govern his life in this manner he will experience trouble. (Gen.24:55) And this trouble invariably emanates from other members within the family – other believers who have no understanding or appreciation of Heavenly Things but are blinded by the things of this present evil world.

  6. JOURNEY to Isaac’s home and MEETING with Isaac: The journey of Rebekah and her damsels on 10 (inferred) camels to meet the bridegroom, similar to 10 virgins in Matt.25 and 10 servants in Luke 19 typify a total rapture of ALL the believers. (2Cor.5:10) The meeting took place at eventide between the house of Isaac and the house of Rebekah typifying that we will meet the Lord in the air (1Thess.4:16,17) and then will proceed to the Father’s house. The VEIL worn by Rebekah typifies the wedding garment that points to believer’s works of righteousness or patient obedience. (Rev.19:7,8, Matt.22:11-14)

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