Abraham Part 12


A Study

Part 12 (Concluding Part)

And beginning at Moses… He expounded unto them… the things concerning Himself. (Luke 24: 27)

After the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis Chapter 24, we come to the final events of Abraham’s life. In the following chapter, Gen.25, soon after Isaac’s marriage, we see Abraham getting remarried, Abraham giving all that he had unto Isaac, Abraham’s death, and then Ishmael’s death, etc. These events are of very great typological significance.

An important TYPOLOGY can be seen through the whole life of Abraham.

When God created Adam, He provided a helpmate to him before asking him to rule over the earth. Similarly, the last Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ will also rule over the earth only after His bride is ready to ascend the throne and reign with Him. A typology of the sequence of the related events can be seen through the life of Abraham, as given below.


(Sequence of events in the life of Abraham)


(Sequence of events which will be fulfilled in the anti-type)

1 Abraham God, the Father
2 Abraham’s wife Wife of God, Israel Isa. 54:5, Jer. 31:32 3
3 Abraham’s son, Isaac The Son of God, The Lord Jesus Christ
4 Abraham’s servant in Gen.24 The Holy Spirit, sent into the world to prepare the bride for the Son of God
5 Barrenness of Abraham’s wife from Gen. 12 to 19 Unfruitfulness of Israel seen throughout the Old Testament
6 Birth of Isaac Gen. 20 Birth of the Lord Jesus
7 Sacrifice of Isaac Gen. 22, Heb. 11: 17-19 Death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
8 Death of Abraham’s wife Gen. Setting aside of Israel Matt.21:43, Acts 13:46, 18:6, 28:28
9 Marriage of Isaac Gen. 24 Preparation of the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Church during the present dispensation.
10 Abraham remarried and begot many children Gen. 25: 1-4 Israel restored to the blessings given in Gen. 12: 1-3, and Exo.19: 5,6.
11 Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. Gen.25: 5 The coming millennial kingdom in which the glory and majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ
12 Abraham died. Gen.25: 7,8 The Father entrusts all powers to the Son for a thousand years according to 1Cor.15: 25
13 Ishmael died.Gen.25: 17 All enemies put under His feet 1Cor.15: 25,26.





The above sequence of events will not be very clear when we see them directly in the New Testament. But when they are compared with the “types” in the Old Testament many details become very clear. Many thing which are happening (or going to happen) in the final days of the present dispensation are being wrongly interpreted and many wrong teachings and also many cult groups are being evolved based on those wrong interpretations. But if all these interpretations are studied in comparison with the Old Testament types, all these confusions can be easily avoided.

Abraham’s exemplary life

We are constrained to follow the example of Abraham in our life, because of various things we have seen so far in his life. Finally we see how God testified on behalf of Abraham, saying (1) I know him, and (2) He is my friend, as given below:

1. About Abraham God said, “I know him,” on two occasions.

a) “I know him – He will keep & also teach righteousness Gen.18:19

b) “Now I know him – He fears God. Gen.22:12

2. On three occasions God testified that Abraham is “the friend of God.”

a) His faith was revealed in works (obedience) – James 2:20-24, Heb.11: 8-16.

b) A seed promised – Isa.41: 8-10, Gal.3: 28,29.

c) An inheritance (land) promised – 2Chron.20:7

May our dear Lord enable each one of us to KNOW God intimately and become a friend of God, like Abraham. A friend shares the secrets of His heart and partakes in all His heart’s feelings, and ultimately he will be where He is, always.

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