Abraham Part 7


A study

Part 7

To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne. (Rev.3: 21)

Now in this part of the study, let us look into Gen.18 & 19. Here we find a splendid comparison of the contrasting characters of Abraham and Lot.

In Gen.18 we see Abraham’s intimate walk with God, because of which, he ultimately stood before God on the mount seriously involved in a discussion with God about the judgment of Sodom. On the contrary, in Gen.19 we see the final steps of backsliding of Lot and his ultimate position of shame on the darker side (cave) of the mount.

Both of them are righteous men (Gen.15: 6, 2Pet.2: 7,8) pointing to ALL those who are born-again and justified through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Out of ALL such believers, some are like Abraham, spiritual, and others are like Lot, worldly and carnal. (1Cor.3: 1-3)

In the Word of God a mount signifies a kingdom pointing to the coming Millennial Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those believers, who are spiritual, live an overcoming life of faith and patient-obedience, “looking for a city, which has foundations.” They finally attain a position of power and authority as joint heir in the coming glorious kingdom of our Lord. (Rev.3: 21, Heb.11: 10, Heb.6: 12, Rom.8: 17,18) But the believer, who is carnal, will choose worldly gain and fame (position of authority) in this present world at the cost of future heavenly blessings. Such a person, like Lot, “…he shall suffer loss; but he himself shall be saved, yet as by fire.” (1Cor.3: 15) He will occupy a position of shame and sorrow on the darker side of the coming glorious kingdom of our Lord. (Mark8: 38)

Let us examine our life. We may be born-again. But, are we walking as Abraham or as Lot? The Lord has warned us through the 3 parables from Matt.24: 42 to 25: 30, regarding what is awaiting you and me on the day of His glorious return. The faithful and wise (servants & virgins) would enter into an intimate and glorious position of power and authority in His coming Kingdom. The unfaithful and foolish (though they are saved) will enter into a sorrowful, shameful and darker part of that Millennial Kingdom.

Our Lord is going to return at any moment now. By comparing our life with those things which are revealed in these two chapters about Abraham and Lot we can see what is the position, which is awaiting you and me in that Kingdom.

Abraham in Gen.18

Lot in Gen.19

Lived in a tent, revealing his position as a stranger and sojourner in this world. Lived in a house and sat in the gate of Sodom, revealing the position of authority he occupied in that city. (Deut.21: 19)
Received the three men at the heat of the day and together with his wife generously entertained them. Received two angels in the evening and was alone entertaining them.
Promise renewed, “at the appointed time Sarah shall have a son. Is anything too hard for the Lord?” The men of Sodom behaved rudely with Lot. When Lot warned his sons-in-law about the imminent destruction of Sodom, he seemed unto them as one that mocked, because his lifestyle was not matching with the message he proclaimed. (2Pet.3: 10,11)
Regarding the destruction of Sodom the Lord says, “Shall I hide my plans from Abraham?” This shows Abraham’s intimate walk with the Lord. When Lot was told to escape from Sodom, his love for “his goods” made him linger. But by the mercy of the Lord and because of Abraham’s prayer he and his family were dragged out.
The Lord says, “I know Abraham, that he will command his children and his household to keep the way of the Lord.” As he was accustomed to living in the plains (worldly) he was not able to escape to the mountain (spiritual).
Abraham’s intercessory prayer shows that he was 1. Very intimate with God, 2. He is very seriously concerned about Lot’s welfare 3. Earnestly appeals, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do justice?” 4. He is humble, sincerely saying, “Lord I am but dust and ashes.” 5. Persistent in his prayer, repeatedly pleading with the Lord to spare Sodom for the sake of 50, 45, 40, 30 20 or at least 10 righteous persons of Sodom. 6. Sincere and trembling in prayer to God. Lot’s wife, because of her attachment to the goods of Sodom, looked back and became a pillar of salt.
Finally landed on the darker side (cave) of the mount.
Overcome by drunkenness, which led to unholy and shameful conduct.
Abraham stood before God on the mount. Lot was saved for the sake of Abraham. Gave birth to Ammon & Moab, the enemies of the people of God.





Here we find the final steps of backsliding in the life of Lot. All the steps of Lot’s backsliding can be summarized as follows:

  1. Separated from Abraham
  2. Chose this locality looking at its outward appearance and material benefits
  3. Started living near Sodom
  4. He decided to dwell inside Sodom apparently for more of worldly gains and comforts
  5. He became more attached to “his goods.”
  6. He lived in a house (not a tent) in Sodom, well settled among great wickedness, without a pilgrim character, not fleeing away from sin.
  7. Sat in the gate of Sodom, i.e. he occupied a position of political authority in Sodom
  8. When he warned others about the coming destruction of Sodom, he seemed as one that mocked. His lifestyle showed that he is very much attached to this world, which he says is about to be destroyed.
  9. His drunkenness led to his shameful conduct. This resulted in the birth of Moab & Ammon the enemies of God.

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