Lessons on MOSES


Bible Study – 25 Parts

This is a simple analysis of the life of Moses and certain events which took place during his life-time and a few typological studies

Part 1 Background, Birth and Childhood God cares for His people
Part 2 Decisions at forty His deliberate choices
Part 3 Moses flees Egypt Patient waiting
Part 4 The vision of the Burning Bush Ever Burning but Never Consumed
Part 5 God Calls and Sends Moses The Chosen Instrument
Part 6 Moses returns to Egypt Let My people go
Part 7 Ten Plagues You may know that I am Jehovah
Part 8 Through Faith Moses kept the Passover The Lamb of God
Part 9 By Faith they passed through the Red Sea For with God nothing shall be impossible
Part 10 Provisions for the Journey Knowledge of the Destination
Part 11 The Wilderness Journey – A Warfare Keeping the Destination in Remembrance
Part 12 The Law & the Old Covenant at Mount Sinai Obedience is better than Sacrifice
Part 13 Tabernacle, the Dwelling place of God A Place of His Rest
Part 14 Details of the Dwelling place of God The Tent of His Splendor
14T The DIAGRAM A Pattern given by God
Part 15 Details of the Dwelling place of God (Contd.) The Holy Place
Part 16 People’s Idolatry and Moses’ Intimacy with God He made known His ways unto Moses, His acts unto the children of Israel
Part 17 Five Offerings Our Lord Jesus Christ offered Himself a sweet smelling savor unto God
Part 18 The Seven Feasts of the Lord The appointed times of the Lord
Part 19 The Journey from Mount Sinai to Kadesh-barnea Moses the blessed servant of God
Part 20 Bitter disappointment at Kadesh-barnea MATURITY and IMMATURITY of faith at the END of the Journey
Part 21 Some Important Events of the Years of Wandering – A The SIN OF MOSES
Part 22 Some Important Events of the Years of Wandering – B The Serpent of Bronze & the Prophesies of Balaam
Part 23 Some Important Events of the Years of Wandering – C Land allotted to 2½ tribes and the Cities of Refuge
Part 24 The last days of Moses Preparing the next generation
Part 25 Conclusive Remarks Typological Studies