Moses Part 8

Moses, the man of God

A study

Part 8

Through faith Moses kept the Passover (Heb11: 28)

Exo.11, 12

The deliverance of the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt did not come through the first nine wonders. Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, with his powerful army kept the children of Israel under rigorous bondage for many years and no possibility of deliverance was in their sight. But on one particular day ALL the people of Israel were delivered from the bondage. (Exo.12: 40, 51) How did this happen? This came through the tenth plague, the death of the first born, which is a unique one and it has a great spiritual significance.

On that day, according to God’s instructions through His servant Moses, every house of the Israelites took a blameless lamb, killed it and applied the blood of the lamb on the outside of their door-posts and lintel. That night the angel of the Lord went through the whole land of Egypt and smote the firstborn in the houses in which the blood was not applied. In fact the wrath of God came upon ALL the houses in the land of Egypt. But in the houses of the Israelites there was a lamb provided to take that punishment in place of their firstborn. The lamb had already died in their place. The blood indicated that full punishment has already been borne in that house through the substitute.

This is a very clear picture of our salvation. Various things that happened on that day to the Israelites form types of those things, which happen to us today. We were once slaves to sin and Satan. We had no strength or any other means of getting delivered from the punishment of sin. But on one particular day we were miraculously saved though we could not and did not do anything. We were saved when we believed that the Lord Jesus Christ shed His precious blood and died on my behalf to forgive my sins and save me. (Eph.2: 4-9)

Death of the firstborn – God taketh away the first that he may establish the second. (Heb.10: 9) For example Cain, Esau and Reuben who were firstborn sons were rejected and other sons were chosen to receive the birthright of the firstborn. This signifies the rejection (end) of our old nature, (John 3:3, Eph.4: 22-24) through our simple faith on the work of the CROSS of Calvary.

The Passover was a new beginning for all those people who were delivered from Egypt. Exo.12: 2 Similarly, we were born again on the day of our salvation, and we received a new (everlasting) life.

They killed the Passover lamb – We believed the substitutional sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He died for us. (John 1: 29)

They applied the blood of the lamb- By receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior by repentance and faith, we were washed by His precious blood.

The blood was applied on the outside of their homes. They could not see the blood, God alone saw it. (Exo.12: 12,13) – None of us can ever fully comprehend the price paid by our Lord on the cross. God alone can fully appreciate the value of the shed blood.

God had told them, I will pass over your houses when I see the blood – not you nor your works but THE BLOOD ONLY. This shows that we are saved not because of anything, which we have done, but by grace alone.

Delivered on the very same day – unconditional free gift of salvation and deliverance from the bondage of sin and Satan. Egypt — world, Pharaoh — Satan

Those who didn’t apply the blood – are dead men Exo.12: 33 Those who do not accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour are condemned already (John 3:18, 36) and such individuals can never escape the eternal punishment of God. Immediately after being delivered from Egypt they were trapped between the host of Pharaoh and the Red Sea. But God miraculously led them through the sea. Sea signifying Death & Gentiles. There it was proved beyond doubt that the Egyptians are dead men (Gen.12: 33) and those who had applied the blood were passed from death into life. (John 5: 24, 3: 18)

Put away the leaven AFTER applying the blood – man can put away sin only after salvation. God does not expect anyone to put away sin before being saved; in fact it is impossible to overcome evil before being saved.

Remember this day – remember the death of the Lamb. This corresponds to the command our Lord has given to us to remember His death around the Lord’s Table.

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