Foundation and Superstructure

Foundation and Superstructure

The Word of God, the Bible, is the perfect and complete revelation of God to man. In it, God has given all what He wants to tell man about Himself and about man in relation to the earth.

If we want to properly understand what God wants to reveal to us through His Word, we must start studying from where God has started His revelations. God has started to make known Himself and His plans in Gen.1:1. We must also start studying from Gen.1:1. As we start studying from Gen.1:1, we can clearly recognize that God has placed a foundational framework in the beginning of His revelation to man. We see this foundational framework in Gen.1:1 to Gen.2:3

This foundational framework in Gen.1:1 to Gen.2:3 (about the earth) is placed in the beginning of the whole of God’s revelation to man. The whole of the subsequent revelation, Gen.2:4 to Rev.20:6 (about man) is built upon this foundational framework.

All what is written about man, from Gen.2: 4 to Rev.20: 6, is built upon this foundational framework written about the earth initially in Gen.1: 1-2:3. This foundational framework can be divided into four parts as given below. The superstructure also has four parts corresponding to these.

Foundation and ss 

A proper understanding of the foundation is vital for the correct understanding of the superstructure. If we do not properly understand the principles placed by God in the beginning of His revelations (in the foundational framework), then we can never understand His subsequent revelations to man (in the superstructure).