Two Ages

This present age & the coming age

The indiscriminate translation of the Greek word ‘aion’ (meaning age) has led to wrong understanding of many basic truths of the Word of God. ‘Age’ is a time period/span of time in God’s plans. God has revealed to man only about TWO AGES, this present age of 6000 years and the coming age of 1000 years (Eph.1:21, Matt.12:32)

FOUNDATION – Gen.1:1 to Gen.2:3

In the first part of the foundational framework, God CREATED the Heavens and the Earth. Then in the second part of this foundational framework, the earth is in a RUINED condition.

Now, let us look into the third part of the foundational framework, RESTORATION, mentioned in Gen.1:3-31. Before the third part of the foundational framework, the earth was in a ruined condition. Then God restored the earth over a period of SIX DAYS. There was no rest until all the six days work was completed.

Each day begins with, “God said” and this shows that God used His word in every step of His restorative work. God did not create everything in a single day. He worked in an orderly manner, systematically – revealing a pattern.

Finally, let us look into the fourth part of the foundational framework, REST, mentioned in Gen.2:1-3. God rested for ONE DAY. He rested because He completed the restoration of the whole earth to His entire satisfaction. Gen.1: 31


SUPERSTRUCTURE – Gen.2:4 to Rev.20:6

God’s plan of redemption for mankind revealed from Gen.2: 4 to Rev.20: 6, is built upon the above foundational framework Gen.1:1 to Gen.1:31

Man was CREATED in Gen.2: 4-25. Man was created to rule over the earth in the place of Satan (Gen.1: 26-28). But man fell in sin and brought RUIN for himself and to the earth.

Corresponding to the six days of RESTORATION of the earth, now God is doing the work of redemption of man over a period of 6000 years. (This present age) After this, corresponding to the one day of rest, man will RULE over the earth for 1000 years. (The coming age) 2Pet.3: 8.

This present age of 6000 years, beginning from the creation of Adam to the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ can be called “THE AGE OF THE GRACE OF GOD.” The coming age of 1000 years of the Millennial Kingdom in which the glory and power of the Lord Jesus Christ will be fully manifested can be called, “THE AGE OF THE GLORY OF CHRIST.”


The would have been innumerable PAST AGES before this Present Age. But the details of all those ages are not revealed to man. Similarly, there can be innumerable FUTURE AGES after the Coming Age, the details of those ages are also not revealed to man.

We all who live in this Present Age should focus our attention on the coming age and live in such a manner that we may be found worthy to partake in the glory and power of our Lord Jesus Christ in the coming age.

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