(Rev.3: 11)


The Holy Bible, which is God’s revelation to man, begins with the statement, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen.1: 1) God not only brought the whole universe into existence out of nothing, (Heb.11: 3) but also exercises absolute sovereign control over it. (Ps.103: 19) God has created and placed angelic beings as provincial rulers in all the provinces throughout the entire universe over which God exercises governmental power and control. These angels are called sons of God, because they were brought into existence by a special creative act of God. (Job 1: 6,2: 1) God has also created and placed innumerable number of subordinate angels, possessing lesser positions of power and authority ruling under each of these provincial rulers. (Dan.10: 13,14,20) In the second verse of the Bible (Gen.1: 2) we do not read about all the provinces of the whole universe (the heavens and the earth) but we read about only one province, the earth. And when we continue to read the Bible, we find that God has revealed to man only those things, which are related to this one province, the earth. It would go without saying that, in the beginning God created all the provinces of the whole universe in perfect order and beauty. Satan is the anointed cherub placed by God upon the holy mountain of God to rule over the earth, which is one kingdom in the universe. (Ezek.28: 14-16) But Satan rebelled against the One who placed him in this position. He sought to exalt His throne and become like the most High, (Isa.14: 13-14) And as a result judgement was pronounced upon Satan (Isa.14: 15-17, Ezek.28: 15-19) and his kingdom was reduced to a state of complete ruin (Gen.1:2) An unrevealed length of time (which may even be as long as many ages) has elapsed between these two verses, Gen.1: 1 and Gen.1: 2. The second verse must be understood as, But the earth became without form and void; and darkness became upon the face of the deep…. But Satan himself and the angels, who accompanied him in his rebellion, continued to reign, though over a ruined kingdom. A principle of Biblical government necessitates that an incumbent ruler, though he may have disqualified himself, continue holding his position until his God appointed successor is not only brought into existence but also become worthy and made ready to assume the reins of the governmental power and authority. We see this principle clearly revealed in the case of Saul and David. (1Sam.15 – 2Sam.5) In 1Sam.15: 26 God rejected Saul from being king over Israel and David was chosen and anointed to be king in the place of Saul. (1Sam.16: 13) But Saul continued to hold his position until be was removed in 2Sam.1: 10. Only after that, David could be installed as king. In the same manner, Satan continued to rule over the ruined earth.


After another unrevealed length of time beyond Gen.1: 2, God restored the whole earth and created man to replace Satan. The whole earth was restored over a six-day period, and man was created on the sixth day to have dominion – the dominion which Satan and his angels possessed. (Gen.1: 3-28) Satan knowing why man has been created immediately schemed and succeeded in bringing about man’s fall and disqualification. Thus man was prevented from ascending the throne and the restored creation is put under a curse. (Gen.3: 17,18, Rom.8: 19-22) Following man’s fall Satan and his angels continue to rule over the whole earth.

But God provided redemption to fallen man, in order that at a future point in time, man could realize the purpose for his creation. (Gen.1: 26-28, Heb.2: 5-8) Man, a creation quite different from angels, was created in the image and likeness of God, to hold the scepter and rule over the earth, in place of Satan. God is not going to change His mind concerning the reason He called man into existence. From the point of man’s fall in Genesis, chapter three, to the point of this dominion being realized by man in Revelation, chapter twenty, all of God’s redemptive purposes in scripture are seen to move toward this goal. Today, Satan and his angels continue to rule from a place in the heavens over the earth. (Luke 4: 5,6, John 12: 31, 14: 30, Eph.2: 12,6: 12) But the day is coming when there will be a war in heaven. Michael and his angels will fight against Satan and his angels and cast them out anticipating Man – namely Christ and His co-heirs taking the kingdom and occupying these positions, exercising power and authority over the earth. (Rev.12: 7-10; 2: 26,27; 11: 15; 19: 11-20: 6)


The Bible is a book of redemption and this redemption encompasses far more than just man’s eternal salvation through simple faith on God’s provided Redeemer. The purpose and goal of redemption is to bring the redeemed man into the kingdom for which he was created. When we look at the ministry of the Redeemer, our Lord Jesus, as recorded in the four gospels, we find that the church is mentioned only three times. (Matt.16: 18, 18: 17) But, on the other hand, the kingdom is mentioned more than one hundred and twenty times on the four gospels. Almost all of the parables speak directly or indirectly of the kingdom, The central purpose surrounding man’s redemption is the expulsion of all enemy forces from the heavens and the establishment of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ over the whole earth. The expression the kingdom of heavens refers to the kingdom ruled by Satan and his angels from a heavenly sphere, a kingdom to be ruled one day by Christ and His joint-heirs from the same heavenly sphere. Now the Lord’s prime purpose, in this day in which we live, is the preparation of these joint-heirs who will constitute the wife of the Lamb, with and through whom the Lord Jesus will exercise governmental power and authority in His millennial reign, from the heavens over the earth.

As soon as a man turns away (repents) from his sinful condition, and by simple faith receives the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, he is born again and he becomes a child of God. A man who has become a child of God in this manner cannot immediately be counted worthy to enter into the kingdom of the heavens. Even though he has obtained the forgiveness of his sins and the free gift of eternal life, he is not yet fit to become a joint-heir of Christ. He has only started to run the race. (Heb.12: 1,2, 2Cor.9: 24-27) After being born-again a child of God has to grow from immaturity to maturity. The believer who has started the race has to finish the race in a satisfactory manner and obtain the crown. Positions with Christ in the coming age will be assigned to believers exactly commensurate with their performance in the race. God’s purpose in providing redemption to man cannot be achieved until the joint-heirs of Christ have been tested, tried and fully prepared and counted worthy of (fit for) the kingdom. (2Thess.1: 5, Rom.8: 17) The positions and crowns, which are to be inherited by believers along with their Lord in the coming kingdom, are at present held by Satan and his angels. Therefore, if a believer is determined to one day realize the proffered positions and crowns with God’s Son, he will find himself engaged in a continuous battle against Satan and his angels.


In our previous pamphlet (EA-004) we have seen how God is using the wilderness journey of the Israelites as the primary fundamental type in His word to teach believers, great spiritual truths concerning the purpose of their redemption. As we open the book of Exodus we find God’s firstborn son, Israel under bondage in Egypt. God spoke to them through Moses and said I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto the land…. Unto to a land flowing with milk and honey. (Ex.3:16,17; 4:22,23) After delivering them out of Egypt, God took them miraculously through the Red Sea, while destroying the Egyptians, even all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots and his horsemen in the midst of the sea. And Moses and the children of Israel having seen all of this, stood on the eastern banks of the Red Sea and sang a song of redemption unto the Lord. (Ex.15: 1-18) Most of the song concerns itself with the greatness of the Lord’s power in delivering them from the hand of the enemy. The song, then ends with the reason for Israel’s deliverance. Thou shalt bring them in and plant them in the mountain of thine inheritance, in the place, O Lord, which thou hast made for them to dwell in, in the sanctuary, O Lord, which thy hands have established, The Lord shall reign forever and ever. (Ex.15: 17,18) A mountain in Scripture signifies a kingdom. (Isa.2: 2-4, Dan.2: 34,35,44,45, Matt.16: 28-17: 5) The mountain of thine inheritance was a kingdom to be established by God in the midst of the Israelites. They were to receive the rules and regulations governing the people (Law) and pattern of God’s dwelling place in the midst of them (Tabernacle) and then march directly to the borders of the land of Canaan. Then they were to go in and under God’s power (as had been manifested in Egypt and at the Red Sea) take the land from the enemy and dwell therein. They were to dwell in this land, and then all the nations of the earth were to be ruled over and blessed through Israel. (Ex.19: 5,6) This is the goal of their wilderness journey, and the Israelites knew it clearly, as revealed in their song of redemption.

Immediately after crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites found themselves in a great and terrible wilderness. But for, supernatural protection and provisions they would have perished in the wilderness. (Deut.8: 14-16) God protected and guided His people by going with them in a pillar of a cloud and in a pillar of fire throughout their journey. (Ex.13: 21,22; 14: 19,20,24, Psa.78; 14,, Deut.1: 33) Then they were supernaturally provided with Manna to eat (Ex.16: 14-22) and Water to drink on their journey. (Ex.17: 5-8) Both the Manna and the Water together formed the complete God provided sustenance for the Israelites on their journey toward the land to which they had been called. At this point in time, all of a sudden, Amalek came and fought with Israel. (Ex.17: 8)


Who is Amalek? From where did he come? Why did he attack the Israelites at that point in time? The Amalekites were occupying the territory southwest of the Dead Sea shortly after Abraham had come from Ur to the land of Canaan. (Gen.14: 7) Then over five hundred years later, at the time of Exodus under Moses, they still occupied the same general territory. The Israelites were attacked by the Amalekites in the Sinai Peninsula a considerable distance southwest of that territory. (Ex.17: 8) Eighteen months later when Moses sent the twelve spies into the land of Canaan, the spies reported that the Amalekites occupied the same territory in the southern part of the land of Canaan. (Numb.13: 29) Amalek knew the purpose for which God had delivered the Israelites from Egypt. They knew that the Israelites have availed themselves of God’s provisions (Manna and Water) for their journey and were heading towards the land of Canaan and that one day they will destroy them and take the land. So the Amalekites had no choice but to come and fight against Israel. God commanded the Israelites to smite Amalek and utterly destroy all of them and blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven. (Deut.25: 19, 1Sam.15: 2,3) Though concentrated efforts were made to eradicate the Amalekites, the Israelites took about 750 years after Ex.17: 8 to carry out the Lord’s command to finally and fully destroy them. (1Chron.4: 41- 43) Today archaeologists and historians can find no trace in the secular world of this once mighty nation. The Amalekites have literally been put out of remembrance from under heaven, exactly as God stated that they would be. (Ex.17: 14)


The Amalekites held the dubious distinction of being the first of the nations to come against Israel on their journey through the wilderness. They laid wait for Israel and rather than facing them head-on, they attacked Israel at her weakest point, smiting the feeble in the rear part of the camp. (Numb.24: 20, Deit.25: 17-19) Their attack was designed to prevent the people of God from realizing the goal to which they had been called. The strategy adopted by the Israelites under Moses was designed as an exact counter to that which Amalek was attempting to do. Moses took the rod of God, went up to the top of the hill with Aaron and Hur and held the rod of God high while the Israelites down below fought with Amalek. And so long as Moses held up his hand containing the rod, Israel prevailed; but when Moses let down his hand containing the rod, Amalek prevailed. (Ex.17: 9-11) When Moses became tired Aaron and Hur took a stone and put under him so that he could sit, and they held Moses’ hands up, the one on the one side and the other on the other side, holding up the rod, until the going down of the sun. During this time, down below, the people under Joshua defeated the Amalekites with the edge of the sword. (Ex.17: 12,13)

Victory over Amalek was assured only through following a particular plan of attack. They suffered defeat whenever they didn’t follow the God – given pattern. What Moses did on top of the hill was to keep a clear picture in front of the Israelites, to remind them about the goal of their calling. The hill or mountain on top of which Moses stood and the stone on which he sat was to be established in the midst of them after they reach the land of Canaan. (Is.2: 2-4, Dan.2: 34,35,44,45) The rod of God held up by Moses brought to their remembrance the mighty power of God by which they were not only delivered from the land of Egypt but also were being led through the wilderness. (Ex.4: 20; 7: 19; 8: 5,16; 10: 13; 14: 16; 17: 5,6) By acting like this in front of the people of Israel, Moses along with Aaron and Hur endeavored to stir them up by putting them to remembrance the goal of their calling. The Israelites clearly knew this goal and they sang about it in the beginning of their journey, immediately after the Red Sea passage. Moses from the top of the hill, was reminding them that they will be established as a powerful (rod) and glorious kingdom (hill) of kings and priests of God if they successfully complete their wilderness journey and enter the land of Canaan. This scene enacted in front of them gave them great encouragement to prevail against Amalek. But when this scene became blurred and faint, they suffered defeat.

This was the first of all the battles in which the Israelites were engaged as they journeyed towards the land to which they had been called. Here, God taught them the basic pattern of attack they should adopt in all the battles they have to fight on their way to the land of Canaan.


Just as the Israelites (TYPE) under Moses were delivered out of the affliction of Egypt (in Exodus 12) on the day they slew the paschal lambs and appropriated the blood of theses lambs, all believers (ANTITYPE) under Christ are delivered out of eternal condemnation on the day they appropriated the blood of the Lamb of God and availed themselves of the free gift of eternal salvation, wrought through Christ’s sacrificial death at Calvary. The Israelites had been removed from Egypt and placed in a position from Egypt and placed in a position from where they could journey through the wilderness, enter the land of Canaan, conquer the inhabitants of that land and rule over all nations of the earth as a kingdom of priests and an holy nation. (Gen.12: 3; 22: 17,18, Ex.19: 5,6) In a similar manner, today, believers have been removed from this present evil world (Gal.1: 4) and are placed in a position, from which they are to engage themselves in battle against Satan and his angels so that on a future day they can enter and occupy the kingdom of the heavens which is presently held by Satan and his angels. Victory can be achieved only by those believers who firstly understand clearly that they have been redeemed with the purpose of inheriting the positions in the heavenly kingdom, secondly recognizing the enemy and his motives and finally fighting the battle according to the Lord’s instructions revealed through His word. Let us look into this primary fundamental type (wilderness journey of the Israelites) to learn valuable spiritual lessons, how the enemy is to be defeated, so that redeemed individuals can be victorious in the present warfare, allowing them to one day inherit the crown and reign with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Pharaoh was a type of the enemy who keeps the unsaved people in bondage. Now Amalek is another type of the same enemy who stands in the way of saved individuals seeking to prevent them from realizing the goal to which they have been called. The origin of Amalekites in Gen.14: 7 has not been revealed. How ever there is a later mention of a grandson of Esau being named Amalek and that the descendants of Esau known as Edomites occupied the same general territory where the Amalekites lived. (Gen.36: 8-12) Hundreds of years later, we find in Scripture that they both had merged with one another and had become one nation. Esau is really the only link provided by Divine design in Scripture to properly understand the true nature and significance of the Amalekites. Esau was the firstborn son of Isaac. But he despised his birthright considering it as insignificant and practically worthless. And he sold his rights as firstborn, to his twin brother, Jacob, for one meal of bread and pottage of lentils. He sold these rights to satisfy a fleshly gratification. (Gen.25: 30-34) Esau looked upon his rights as firstborn, as the world viewed them rather than as God viewed them. He saw things from a fleshly perspective rather than from a spiritual perspective. And it was only at a time when it was too late that he gave thought to the spiritual, allowing him to see the birthright in its true light. (Heb.12: 16,17) Thus the Amalekites typify the nature of possessing the mind of Esau toward the things of God, particularly those things concerning the rights of the firstborn. In Moses’ day they are seen opposing God’s firstborn son, Israel (Ex.4: 22,23; 17: 8) In the antitype, every believer is a firstborn child of God, (John 3: 3, Rom.8: 29, Heb.12: 23) called to inherit the rights of the firstborn in the kingdom of the heavens. Just like the Amalekites who occupied the land of Canaan, in the antitype we see Satan and his angels occupying the present kingdom of the heavens. And Satan is the one who stands in the way seeking through every means available, to prevent saved individuals from coming into a realization of proffered positions in the coming kingdom of the heavens. Satan uses the things of the flesh (within a believer) and things of the world (surrounding a believer) in this spiritual warfare, diverting the attention of believers away from the future kingdom of Christ and attracting the attention of believers towards his present kingdom.


As long as a believer does not have any interest or understanding about the purpose of his salvation, Satan has no concern about him. Also if a believer does not avail himself of God’s protection and provisions he can never obtain the crown which is kept for him. The Israelites could traverse the wilderness safely, only because God was with them in a pillar of a cloud and in a pillar of fire, to protect them throughout their journey. Similarly, a believer must always be aware that he cannot overcome the enemy and complete his pilgrim walk with his own strength. He must completely depend on the Lord Jesus Christ who goeth before him. (Heb.3: 1) Further, a believer can never survive unless he avails himself of the complete God – provided sustenance for his journey toward the goal to which he has been called. God had provided the Israelites with Manna and Water to sustain them in their journey. The Manna was very tasty and was sufficient to sustain them until they came to the borders of the land of Canaan. (Ex.16: 31,35) All those who were unsatisfied with Manna and sought some better things for their sustenance, perished in the wilderness. (Numb.11: 5,6,33,34) The Manna would typify the Word of God (Deut.8: 3, Matt.4: 4) which alone is sufficient to completely sustain the believers in their pilgrim walk. God provided no other thing except MANNA for the PHYSICAL SUSTENANCE for the Israelites in their wilderness journey. In the same way, now, God has provided no other thing except the living WORD OF GOD for the SPIRITUAL SUSTENANCE of believers in their pilgrim walk. During our present pilgrim walk, we should not seek guidance or revelations from any source other than the word of God. We should not seek after sings, wonders, visions, dreams, fables, etc, (Deut.13: 1-5, Jer.23: 21-32,Ezek.13: 2,3, Eph.4: 14, 2 Tim.4: 3,4) other than the pure Word of God. The Water, in this context would typify the Spirit of God (John7: 37-39) given to lead a believer into all truth within the Word of God. (John14: 26; 16: 13) The Sprit of God supernaturally provided to a believer at the time of his redemption, (Eph.1: 13; 4: 30; 2Cor.1: 21,22) abides in him (indwells) to teach him from the Word of God. (1Cor.2: 10-13, 1John2: 27; 3: 24; 4: 13) The ministry of the Spirit of God in a believer is to use the living Word of God not only to sustain life in him, but also to strengthen and guide him in his pilgrim walk. Only after correctly understanding the meaning and use of the complete, God – provided sustenance and properly availing himself of these provisions, a believer can progress towards the goal of attaining the positions reserved for him in the heavenly kingdom.


When the Israelites began their wilderness journey, if they had not been provided with Manna and Water, Amalek would have let them die of hunger and thirst. (Ex.16: 3; 17: 3) But, as soon as they focused their eyes on the land of Canaan and also availed themselves of the provisions of Manna and Water to continue their journey, they had to face fierce resistance from the Amalekites. Similarly in the antitype, as soon as a believer understands and appreciates the purpose of his salvation and properly avails himself of the protection and provisions of God for his pilgrim walk he will find himself in battle against Satan and his angels.

How are we to defeat the enemy in this spiritual warfare? We can ensure victory only through following the plan of attack given by God in Exodus chapter seventeen. The Israelites could prevail against the enemy by following a particular plan of attack. But when they hadn’t followed the Divine plan – when Moses let down the rod – the Israelites suffered defeat. Today Satan seeks to bring about a believer’s fall through the things of the flesh or the world, and believers are specifically warned to firmly resist such efforts of the enemy. (1Pet.5: 8,9, James 4: 7) The thoughts of the old man (of the flesh) within a believer have to do with this present world, and he knows nothing about spiritual matters. The ambitions of the flesh are exactly the same as those of Amalek — preventing the saved individuals from inheriting the rights of the firstborn in the coming (future) glorious kingdom of Christ. So believers are exhorted to overcome the flesh through putting to death the deeds of the flesh. (Rom.8: 13, Col.3: 5) The old man (the flesh) is to be kept in a constant state of dying, because he is ever — ready to gain control over the new man (the spirit). He is to be slain exactly the same way Amalek was to be slain. The rod of God is to be continuously held high from the top of the hill, and at the same time the enemy in the valley below is to be engaged and defeated with the edge of the sword. (Ex.17: 9,11,13) Saved individuals are to steadfastly resist Satan’s efforts to bring about their fall through worldly and fleshly means, by keeping their eyes, their attention, their thoughts unmovably fixed on the things surrounding the coming kingdom of Christ. Satan attempts to cause a believer to give heed to fleshly impulses and always strives to draw his attention away from Christ and His coming kingdom and tempts him to look again to the things of the present surrounding world, the kingdom under Satan. According to Heb.12: 1,2 saved individuals are to take their eyes off the things of the world and keep them continuously fixed on Christ and His coming kingdom. Note that Aaron and Hur helped Moses when he became weary in the battle and need help from fellow—believers. In Heb.10: 23 – 25, believers are told to consider one another, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together to provoke, exhort, encourage and pray for one another, to hold fast the hope of our calling. When believers continue to assemble together sincerely under the immediate control of God, the Holy Spirit, according to His regulations in His Word, the power of the Spirit will continue to lead them into all truth in the things of the Word, availing them, in this manner of both the provided Manna and Water. (Matt.18: 20, 1Cor.14: 26-31) A believer knowing and understanding this Word which reveals all the various things about the present enemy and the coming kingdom will be in a position to keep his eyes fixed on the goal out ahead and then take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, (Eph.6: 17) and go forth and defeat the enemy standing in the way.


Satan will continuously tempt saved individuals through the things of the world or the flesh. In our present pilgrim walk if we do not resist Satan and slay Amalek, in the end, when we stand before the judgement seat of Christ we will be counted unworthy (or unfit) to receive the crown and to inherit the positions which are reserved for us in His coming glorious kingdom. (Matt.16: 27, 2Cor.5: 10)

Saul, the first king in Israel was told by God, to smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have. (1Sam.15: 3) But Saul rendered incomplete obedience. He spared the king of the Amalekites and saved the best of Amalek’s possessions. (! Sam.15: 7-15) And in later year, because Saul had not previously carried out the Lord’s command concerning Amalek, an Amalekite was present, and slew Saul after he had been wounded in a battle. (Compare 1Sam.31: 1-6 with 2Sam.1: 2-10) The Amalekite, relating the story of Saul’s death to David, said So I stood upon him, and slew him… and took the crown that was upon his head…. (2Sam.1: 10) Saul, in the beginning, had been commanded to slay Amalek. But he didn’t. And, in the end, after Saul had fallen, Amalek not only slew him but also stripped him of his crown.

Dear reader, give heed to the Lord’s command and slay Amalek now, or he will bring you down in the end, rise up, slay you and take your crown. (Gal.5: 19-21) Everything about realizing victory in the battle against Amalek centers around one thought – taking one’s eyes off the things surrounding the present kingdom under Satan and fixing them on the things surrounding the coming kingdom under Christ. The apostle Peter, in his ministry, had a great burden to put believers always in remembrance of the things related to the coming glorious kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. (2Pet.1: 11-16, 1Pet.1: 3-5) He exhorted the saved individuals to abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul, (1Pet.2; 11, 2Pet.2; 10,18) and overcome the fiery trails and pollution of the world, (1Pet.4: 12,13, 2Pet.2: 19-21) by always keeping their eyes on the glory of Christ which will soon be revealed. The apostle Paul had a burning desire to obtain the incorruptible crown. He could keep under his body and bring it into subjection, because he looked not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. (1Cor.9: 25-27, 2Cor.4: 18) The apostle John while writing to all those who are in fellowship with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ, exhorts them to walk in the truth with a view to overcoming the world and receiving a full reward at the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1John 2: 15-17, 1John 2: 28-3: 3, 2John 8) James, in his epistle which was written to saved individuals, points our clearly that, faithfulness during the present time will have a direct bearing on the believers’ positions in the coming kingdom of Christ. (James 1: 12, 2: 5)

Let us give heed to the central message of the Bible, to saved individuals. If a believer increases in the understanding of this central message of the Bible, and keeps himself more and more deeply involved in preparing himself for the coming King and His kingdom, then the things of this world will gradually become blurred and faint before his eyes. On the other hand, if a believer is attracted by the riches, pleasures and fame of this present world, and gets more and more entangled in the affairs of this world, he will have very less or no understanding or appreciation of the coming glorious kingdom of our Lord and he will be unprepared and unfit for that kingdom. So, similar to the ministry of Moses, Aaron and Hur, let all our prayers, meditation of God’s Word, fellowship with one another, etc have this goal – taking one’s eyes off the things surrounding the present kingdom under Satan and fixing them on the things surrounding the coming glorious kingdom under Christ. Let us carryout all the activities among us with this goal, to encourage one another to prevail against the enemy and obtain the crown.

Let us keep in the fore front of our mind, the Lord’s warning in Rev 3:11, Behold I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.


The consecrated CROSS I’ll bear

Till death shall set me free,

And then go home, my CROWN to wear,

For there’s a crown for me – Shepherd.