A Time Chart



This chart shows God’s plan of the ages for man on the earth

(with number-wise explanations given below)

Time Plan

The above chart shows God’s plan for man in relation to the earth. This plan is revealed to man by God through His word, the Holy Bible. God has revealed to man the details of only TWO AGES. The PAST AGES and the FUTURE AGES have not been revealed to man at present.

  1. The present age of 6000 years beginning from the creation of Adam & Eve in 6000BC The age of the GRACE of God corresponding to the 6-day restoration mentioned in Gen.1: 2-25.
  2. The coming glorious age of 1000 years from approximately from 2000AD to 3000AD The age of the GLORY of Christ corresponding to the 1-day rest mentioned in Gen.2: 1-3.

The details of what happened before 4000BC or what is going to happen after 3000AD has not been revealed to man. According to the chronology of events revealed by God, very soon the Lord Jesus Christ is going to returnto the earth in all His power and great glory and begin His glorious reign over the whole earth. This event will be the climax of everything God has planned for mankind.

According to the above chart the Lord Jesus Christ should return in the year 2000AD. But firstly we are not sure whether the Julian calendar as we have it today, showing this year to be 2000AD, has been kept in tact over the past 2000 years. And secondly God has not revealed the exact time of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless the dates have to be quite close, if not accurate. Thus one can easily see, just how near we are to Christ’s return and reign.

1 Creation: At a point of time in the unrevealed, distant past God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing. God’s creation was in perfect order and beauty. (Gen.1:1, Psa.33:6,9, Heb.11:3) God also created angels and appointed them to rule over each of the provinces of His whole creation. (Psa.103:19-22)
2 Ruin: At a later point of time, not revealed to man, the angel who had been appointed to rule over the earth exalted himself and rebelled against God. (Ezek.28:12-19, Isa.14:12-17) Immediately he was rejected and the province earth was reduced to a total ruin. This evil angel is called Satan. And Satan will continue to hold the sceptre until man is prepared to ascend the throne and reign with the Lord Jesus Christ over the earth. Satan and his subordinate angels (the demons) who rebelled along with him will be cast into the lake of fire (hell) after 3000AD. (Matt.24:41, Rev.20:10)
3 Restoration: The earth existed in totally ruined condition from the time of Satan’s rebellion. (Gen.1:2) At 4000BC God restored the earth over a 6-day period, back to its order and beauty. (Gen.1:2- 25).
4 Creation of man: Then God created man in His own image and likeness, to rule over the earth in the place of Satan. (Gen.1: 26-28) But man being deceived by Satan, fell in sin, became unfit to rule, and brought ruin to himself and to the whole earth. God continued to deal with men of all the nations (Gentiles) for 2000 years.
5 Creation of Israel: At 2000BC God created Israel, the nation of the Jews (Isa.43:1, Exo.19:5,6) and through this nation, wanted to dispense His blessings to the whole earth. But because of their continued unbelief and disobedience, Israel has not yet attained to the purpose of their creation.

Sacrifice of Christ: About 2000 years ago, God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away the sins of man. He rose again on the third day. (1Cor.15:3,4, John 16:28) Any man who repents from his sins and believes that the Lord Jesus Christ died as his substitute, is forgiven and reconciled to God, and added to the Church which is a new nation. (neither Jew nor Gentile) John 1:12, 3:16, 5:24. Today God is preparing His people who have been thus saved and added to the Church, to reign with Him in the place of angels (Heb.2:5) in the coming ages. (Matt.5:19,20; 7:21; 18:3; Acts14:22; 2Tim.2:12; James1:12; 1Cor.9:24-27; Rev.2:24-27: 3:21)

7 Rapture of the Church: Now the Lord Jesus Christ is going to appear very soon, secretly for His own people. On that day ALL those who are already saved and added to the Church, will be caught up to meet their Lord in the clouds. (1Cor.15:51,52: 1Thess.4:16,17) There, they will all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. (2Cor.5:10; Rom.14:10,12; Matt.16:27; Mark8:38) A few among them will be chosen to occupy positions of power and authority as joint-heirs with Christ in His coming glorious kingdom. (Luke19:16-19, Matt.25:20-23; Matt.24:45-47; Matt.25:1-13) But on that day, many from among them will be found unworthy to receive such rewards. They will suffer loss (1Cor.3:15) and occupy positions of shame in that kingdom. (Luke19:20-24; Matt.25:24-30; 24:48-51)
Tribulation Period: After the rapture of the Church there will be a 7-year period of great tribulations over the whole earth. (Matt.24:4-31; Dan.8:9-14; 9:27; Rev 6-18; Mark13:5-27; Luke21:8-28)
8 The glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ: At the end of the 7-year tribulation period the Lord Jesus Christ will appear to the whole earth in all His power and great glory. At that time:

  1. The people of Israel (Jews) will cry unto the Lord in true repentance, the Lord will gather all of them and bring them back to their land and restore them to the original purpose for which they were created. (Zech.12:10; Ezek.36:31-38; 39:25-29; Deut.30:1-5; Matt.24:29-31; Joel2:27-32; Amos9:11-15; Isa.2:2-4)
  2. The Lord will judge all the nations existing at that time on the whole earth. (Matt.25:31-46)
  3. Satan will be bound into the bottomless pit. (Rev.20:1-3)
  4. The millennial kingdom will be ushered in. (Rev.11:15; 12:10; 20:4-6) In that kingdom the Lord Jesus Christ will not only sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem on the earth, but also on His own throne in new Jerusalem in the heavens over the earth. There will be a dual rule. He will not only rule from among the Jews chosen from Israel, but also from among the overcomers (His bride) in the church.


Great white throne judgment: Around 3000AD, at the end of the millennial kingdom, all those who did not receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, will be resurrected and judged before the Great White Throne and cast into the eternal lake of fire.(Hell-eternal death) Rev.20:11-15; John3:18,36. Then all the human beings who had been saved by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour will enter into a new heaven and a new earth. They will live with God through eternity(eternal life). This eternal future will consist of an endless number of ages, the details of which have not been revealed to man now.