Be filled with the Spirit

This is a very important message based purely on simple unbiased interpretation of the Word of God. To be preserved from the widely prevalent deceptive doctrines of the enemy, every born-again Christian must know the difference between

  • The INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit

  • The FILLING of the Holy Spirit

  • The POURING of the Holy Spirit

Please read this message very carefully and patiently



Be filled with the Spirit (Eph.5: 18)

The Holy Bible, which is God’s complete revelation to man consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament primarily concerns about the Kingdom of the Heavens, that is, the rule from the heavens over the whole earth. In fact, the whole Bible concerns about the restoration of God’s complete authority over the whole earth. The present ruler of the earth, Satan, who is called “the god of this age” (2Cor.4: 4) is going to be removed very soon from the heavens and be bound into “the bottomless pit” (Rev.20: 1-3). At that time the Lord Jesus Christ will appear with all His power and great glory and rule over the whole earth for a thousand years. That millennium will be the climax of all His plans, which God has revealed to man through His word. During that millennium our Lord Jesus Christ will sit on His own throne in New Jerusalem in the heavens above the earth. He will reign from there along with His Bride.

During the present dispensation the Holy Spirit is sent into the world, and is working within the church to prepare a bride for the Son of God, from among the believers — neither Jew nor Gentile — who are within the church. This work of the Holy Spirit will be completed and the church will be raptured at the end of this present dispensation. After that the nation of the Jews and all the Gentle nations of the earth will pass through a 7-year tribulation period. And when this tribulation period comes to an end, and when our Lord Jesus Christ will appear in all His power and great glory, He will personally regather the Jews from all over the world. The Lord will restore all of them to their Promised Land. When the Jews repent and return back to their land, the Lord will also sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem on the earth, and rule over all the nations of the earth through the nation of the Jews. Thus in the glorious age of the coming millennium, there will be a dual reign. The Lord Jesus will not only sit on His throne along with His Bride in New Jerusalem in heavens above the earth, but He will also sit on David’s throne in the midst of regathered and restored nation of the Jews in Jerusalem on the earth.


The mission of the servant of Abraham

A typology of the above sequence of events is indicated at various portions of the Old Testament. This typology can be clearly seen through the life of Abraham. In Genesis Chapter twelve, Abraham and his wife were called out of Ur to come and possess the land of Canaan and also inherit the sevenfold blessings mentioned in Gen.12: 2,3. Abraham’s wife was barren for a long time, until Gen.20. But in Gen.21 she gave birth to their only begotten son, Isaac, who was offered up and received back in a figure in the following chapter, Gen.22. (Heb.11: 17-19) Then in Gen.23 Abraham’s wife died. After her death, in the succeeding chapter, Gen24, Abraham’s servant was sent to seek for a bride for Abraham’s son from within Abraham’s own family. The servant went, sought, chose, prepared and brought the bride for Abraham’s son. That bride became the wife of the son of Abraham, and after that in Gen.25, Abraham remarried and begot many children.


The mission of the Holy Spirit of God

Here, in the typology, Abraham is a type of God the Father. His wife is a type of Israel, the nation of the Jews. (Is.54: 5, Jer.31: 32). Eventhough Israel did not bring forth fruit for the glory of God, He dealt patiently with them and bore with them for nearly 2000 years. Finally, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, (Antitype of Isaac) was brought forth into this world through this nation of the Jews. After the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the nation of the Jews was set aside. Just as we see in the typology, how Abraham’s wife died after the offering up of Isaac. After the setting aside of the nation of the Jews, the Holy Spirit (antitype of Abraham’s servant) who was sent by God into the world began to work within the church to prepare a bride for the son of God. After the bride is prepared and united with His Son, God will restore His relationship with Israel. (Antitype of Abraham’s remarriage). At that time the whole nation of the Jews will return to their land with true repentance. Then they will be God’s witnesses over the whole earth in accordance with His original purposes for them as seen in Isaiah 43:1-21. If we understand the typology given in various parts of the Old Testament we will never go wrong in the study and understanding of the Word of God. (Luke 24:27,44, John 5:39) Keeping the above typology in our mind, let us study the work of the Holy Spirit.


About 2000 years ago the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in the midst of the nation of Israel and offered to them the heavenly segment of the coming glorious kingdom. In the four gospels, it is recorded more than 100 times, how the Lord spoke to the Jews repeatedly about the “Kingdom of the Heavens”. In the Old Testament this same nation was offered the earthly segment of that kingdom. God wanted to establish them as a theocracy in the land of Canaan. But because of their unbelief and disobedience, the promise of God concerning that kingdom could not be realised. But God has promised that on a future day they will definitely be regathered and restored and established as a theocracy in the land. (Deut.30: 3-5, Isa.2: 1-4, Ezek.36: 24-28) At that time our Lord will dwell in their midst and rule over all the nations of the earth through them for a 1000 years.


But when our Lord personally came to the Jews about 2000 years ago and offered to them the heavenly segment of the kingdom, they refused to repent and they rejected the offer and also crucified their Messiah. Even then the offer was open to them until the end of the Book of Acts which was about the year 60 AD. But the Jews persisted in the same condition and completely rejected the offer. The Lord during the days of His ministry on earth, mentioned that the offer of “the kingdom of the Heavens shall be taken from the Jews and be given to a new nation (the Church) bringing forth the fruits of it”. (Matt.21: 43). According to His word, now this offer is open to all the believers who are within the church. During this present dispensation the Holy Spirit is preparing a bride for God’s son from among the children of God. When the Lord Jesus Christ returns as the King of kings and the Lord of lords, He will be united with this bride and will reign from the heavens over the whole earth for a thousand years.

JEWS, GENTILES and the CHURCH in the Kingdom

Towards the end of our Lord’s ministry on earth, His disciples asked Him, When shall these things happen? What shall be the sign of His coming and of the end of this age, and of the beginning of the coming age of His glorious Kingdom? (Matt.24: 3). The detailed reply given by our Lord to the above query is recorded in Mathew chapters 24 and 25. This reply consists of three parts. (1) How the Jews will be restored to the earthly segment of the coming kingdom. (2) How a few believers from the Church will be prepared and chosen as a bride to reign with their Lord from the heavenly segment of that kingdom (Matt.24: 32-25:30) (3) How the Gentile nations will be judged, and some of them will be admitted into the kingdom, not as rulers but as subjects of that kingdom on the earth. (Matt.25: 31-46). The coming reign of Christ is the climatic event of the ages pertaining to man in relation to the earth. All Scripture, after some fashion, moves toward this event, and to ignore this fact can only prove detrimental to any sound method of Biblical study. These three sections of our Lord’s reply, (1) God’s dealing with the Jews during and following the tribulation period, (2) His dealings with the believers (the Church) during and at the end of the present dispensation, and (3) His dealing with the Gentile nations at the end of the tribulation period are ALL intimately connected with the KINGDOM which follows these dealings.

The middle section of this reply, which relates to the Church, begins with the parable of the fig tree (Matt.24: 32-36) which pertains to the signs of the time of the Lord’s return. Then there is a reference to the days of Noah (Matt.24: 37-39) which depicts the manner of the Lord’s return. And then beginning in verse 40, the remainder of the section in four parts pertains to the Lord’s dealings with His own blood-bought servants throughout the present dispensation, the period of the Master’s absence, and with the judgment awaiting these same servants when their Lord returns for His own. All of this has in view, the kingdom, which follows. All these sections do not have anything at all to do with eternal salvation or eternal destruction. They deal only with the entry into or exclusion from the coming glorious kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


from the kingdom

The Lord’s reference to “one taken and the other left” (Matt.24: 40,41) is the first of these four parallel parts of, this section of the Olivet Discourse. Each one of the four parts actually has to do with the same thing, but from a different perspective. In this respect, all the four parts viewed together present a complete picture of (1) The believer’s present responsibility, (2) The believer’s future accountability, and (3) The relationship of both to the coming kingdom. All believers have the responsibility to live their lives in a manner, which reflects their high calling. Every believer will one day appear before the judgment seat of Christ to render an account concerning how he carried out his responsibility, and the result will have a direct bearing on the believer’s position in the kingdom which follows. Each one of these four parts has been given to provide additional information, which will help explain another part.

The first part in which the Lord refers to “one taken and the other left,” closes with the exhortation to “Watch” and “Be ready”. Matt.24: 40-44). In the second part (Matt.24: 45-51), the parable of the Householder and His servants has been given to provide additional information and help to explain the preceding verses dealing with one taken and the other left. This parable concerns the same thing – faithfulness or unfaithfulness on the part of the Lord’s own servants (purchased slaves), resulting in their being accorded or being denied positions as rulers with Christ in the kingdom. And so it is with the following two parables. Each of these four parts must be understood in the light of one-another. Only by so doing can the expositor avoid being led astray by erroneous expositions and arrive at the correct interpretation.


For our present study let us took into the details of the parable of the Ten Virgins. (Matt.25: 1-13). “Ten” is the number of ordinal completion, signifying ALL the virgins, pointing to ALL those to whom the kingdom is presently being offered, pointing to ALL believers. Here ALL the ten of them are “virgins” and ALL of them “took their lamps” and ALL of them “went forth to meet the bridegroom”. This refers to the responsibility of the Lord’s people during the present dispensation. The Bridegroom, the “light of the world” (John 8:12) is absent. The “rulers of the darkness of this world” are presently in control of affairs, (Eph.6: 12) but ALL believers have been called “out of darkness into His marvelous light“. (1Pet.2: 9). The Word of God is a “lamp” unto our feet and a “light” unto our path. (Psa.119: 105). And to ALL believers, the indwelling Holy Spirit has been given to take this Word and guide them “into all truths“. (John 16:13, 1John 2:27). When we completely yield ourselves to His word, as taught to us by His Spirit, our transformed life shines forth as light in this world filled with darkness. Each and every virgin among the ten had her own lamp with oil within the lamp. None was excluded from the provided light. Just as each servant in the parable of the Ten Pounds (Luke 19:12-26) was entrusted with a portion of the Lord’s business during the time of His absence, each one of these ten virgins had been provided with light (lamp with oil in it) to carry out this activity. While the bridegroom tarried, they ALL slumbered and they all slept. At midnight ALL those virgins arose and ALL trimmed their lamps. All these activities were performed with the coming of the Bridegroom and the succeeding kingdom in view.

OIL – The Holy Spirit

From the above details it is very clear that the “Ten” virgins include ALL those who are saved by simple faith, accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. The significance of “OIL” is very important in this parable. “OIL” was used in the Old Testament Scriptures to anoint prophets, priests and kings; and there was a connection between the use of OIL, after this fashion and the Holy Spirit coming upon them to empower them to perform the duties in the office to which they were being consecrated. The common experience peculiar to all who were empowered by the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament was the spirit “coming upon” rather than “indwelling” them. The Holy Spirit “came upon” and empowered individuals for service, but there was the ever-present danger that through disobedience the Holy Spirit would be removed. This happened in Saul’s life because of his disobedience. (1Sam.15: 1-26; 16:13,14) And this is what David feared, following his sin with Bathsheba when he prayed,” …take not the Holy Spirit from me.” (Psa.51: 11)

The conditions pertaining to the reception of the Holy Spirit during the present dispensation are not the same as those pertaining to the reception of the Holy Spirit during the past dispensation. In John 7:39 it was told that all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ will receive the Holy Spirit. But it was not given at that time, “because Jesus was not yet glorified”. During those days of the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit “came upon” individuals; but today rather than coming upon individuals, He first INDWELLS and subsequently FILLS them. The INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit occurs at the time the individual believes on the Lord Jesus Christ at the point of salvation.

The Holy Spirit


The Lord Jesus, on the night in which He was betrayed, promised to His disciples, “I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever. The Comforter, who is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things,…” (John 14:16,26). ” … He shall testify of me.” (John 15:26) “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go away; for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I well send him unto you … when he the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth … and he will show you things to come.” (John 16:7,13) This promise was fulfilled as soon as our Lord Jesus Christ was glorified through His resurrection. The same day on which he rose again, the Lord met His disciples and He breathed on them and said unto them, “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.” And from that time He spoke to those disciples and gave commandments to them through the Holy Spirit (John 20:22, Acts 1:2). From that time onwards all through the New Testament we are told that the Holy Spirit begins to INDWELL an individual from the moment he believes and accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. (Eph.1: 13,14, 1Cor.3: 16). The Holy Spirit given to us at the point of salvation is never taken away but He abides with us forever. And the believers are exhorted not to grieve the INDWELLING Holy Spirit, but to hear Him and obey Him. (Eph.4: 30, Rom.8: 1,4,13, 1John 2:27; 3:24).


The OIL, which ALL the ten virgins originally had within their lamps, refers to the Holy Spirit INDWELLING ALL believers from the moment we received the free gift of eternal life by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour through simple faith on His substitutionary death. As soon as any person is born-again by believing that, “the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross as my Substitute,” he is sealed by the holy Spirit and from that time onwards the Holy Spirit INDWELLS (abides with) him, to teach him the Word of God and to guide him into all truth.

FILLING of the Spirit

Now the FILLING of the Holy Spirit is entirely a different matter from the INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit. Only those persons who are initially INDWELT by the Holy Spirit can subsequently be FILLED with the Holy Spirit. The Ephesian believers who were initially INDWELT by the Holy Spirit, (Eph. 1:13,14) were commanded to “be FILLED with the Holy Spirit.” (Eph.5: 18). This is a separate and continuous work of the Holy Spirit, following His initial work at the point of salvation. The experience of believers relative to the Holy Spirit during the present dispensation is in perfect accordance with the parable of the ten virgins. All the ten had lamps with oil with in the lamps, but only the five wise virgins possessed an extra supply of oil for FILLING their lamps. That is to say, ALL believers are in possession of the INDWELLING Holy Spirit, but only some are FILLED with the Holy Spirit.


The INDWELLING Holy Spirit has been given to a believer to abide with him, and to teach him the Word of God and to guide him into all truth. Those believers who are always willing to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and desire to do those things which are pleasing to Him, become more and more sensitive to His voice and are able to hear Him speaking clearly through the Word of God. There is a close connection between being filled with the Spirit and dwelling deeply in the Word of God, which is a “lamp” unto our feet and a “light” unto our path.

Ephesians and Colossians are companion epistles and parallel one another in a number of places. One parallel can be seen comparing Eph.5: 18-20 with Col.3: 16,17. Note the contextual parallel between the command, “Be filled with the Spirit,” in Ephesians and the command,“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom,” in Colossians. The inference is clear that a Christian who is FILLED with the Spirit is one who has allowed the Word of God to dwell in him richly. He has studied, prayed over, understood and fully obeyed the Word, and at the same time, he has, through this process, progressively allowed himself to become FILLED with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, through the Word of God has wrought a deep inward transformation in that person. Consequently, such a person’s spiritual maturity “shines before men”. (Matt.5: 16) through the husband-wife, parents-children and servants-masters relationships in his practical life as set forth in the following parallel portions both in Ephesians and Colossians. (Eph.5: 21-6:9 and Col.3: 18-4:1). A believer FILLED with the Spirit is filled with the Word, and such believers are typified by the wise virgins. These wise virgins are those believers who give thought to, and understand things relative to the appearance of the Bridegroom. The wise, search out things in the Word of God pertaining to the soon coming meeting with the Bridegroom and the Kingdom which follows. They have a respect for “the recompense of the reward.” (Heb.11: 23-26, Luke 14:14, Matt.16: 27)

The foolish virgins refer to a vast majority of believers who are not interested in these things. They are foolish, literally morons, governed by a very low level of spiritual intelligence, especially relating to matters surrounding the Lord’s return and the coming kingdom. They are often very happy in totally unrelated “Church work” within the sphere of their own goals, aims, ambitions and aspirations.


The distinguishing difference between the foolish and the wise was shown in their either possessing or not possessing the extra supply of oil for FILLING their lamps. The lamps of the foolish began going out following the midnight cry. The initial supply of oil (INDWELLING) had proved sufficient until preparedness for the Bridegroom’s return was introduced. The extra supply of oil (FILLING) was necessary for meeting the Bridegroom and entering into His glory on His return, at midnight. A believer must possess a work of the Spirit beyond the Spirit’s initial work at the point of salvation. He must not only be INDWELT by the Spirit, but also be FILLED with the Spirit. When the foolish virgins requested extra oil from the wise virgins, they were told, “Not so, but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.” The initial supply of oil (INDWELLING) was obtained along with the free gift of eternal life (John 3:16, Rom.6: 23, Eph.2: 8,9) because the complete price for that was paid on their behalf by the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. But for the extra supply of oil (FILLING), each person has to go to the source of supply and also pay the price and buy.

A believer has to unconditionally submit and yield to the Word of God taught by the Holy Spirit INDWELLING him. The price is rather expensive. It involves denying oneself, taking up one’s cross and following Christ. It involves losing one’s life for Christ’s sake. (Matt.16: 24-27). Paying the price results in the FILLING of the Spirit, manifested by a deep inward transformation of the believer. Such believers who are FILLED with the Spirit will be fit to enter the kingdom of the heavens and replace Satan and his angels. It will only logically follow, that Satan will do all within his power to prevent believers from being FILLED with the Spirit. Thus Satan brings in many obstacles through the flesh and the world to prevent the believers from understanding, trusting and obeying the Word of God taught by the INDWELLING Spirit. Many believers who do not understand or believe various truths related to the Lord’s return are overcome by the deceitful devices of the enemy and become unfit to enter into the coming glorious kingdom of our Lord. But the overcoming believers will sit with the Lord on His throne and reign with Him in His millennial kingdom. (Rev.3: 21, Rom.8: 17, 2Tom.2: 21). Many believers ignore the sound teachings and warnings related to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in all His power and great glory. But Christ will return just as He has said and then one door, which is now open to all believers, will be shut.


The Lord is omniscient and He knows everyone and all things. Yet in the parable of the ten virgins, the Lord plainly declared that He did not know those on the outside of the shut door, seeking admittance to the wedding festivities. A similar statement is recorded in Matt.7: 21-23 also. The type of knowledge referred to in the Lord’s statements “I never knew you” (Matt.7: 23) and “I know you not” (Matt.25: 12) pertain to unpreparedness of many believers with the coming kingdom in view. The type of knowledge connected with (INDWELLING) accepting the Lord Jesus as one’s personal Saviour and receiving the free gift of eternal life is entirely a different matter. But this type of knowledge mentioned here, is gained through experience (FILLING), that is, through one’s intimate relationship with the Lord, by hearing His voice, keeping His commandments and following Him day by day. The apostle Paul mentions this type of knowledge when he wrote “That I may know Him … by any means I might attain … I press toward the mark…” (Phil.3: 10-14).

A major problem among believers today is the widespread ignorance concerning the glorious return of our Lord and the coming kingdom. Pastor-teachers over the years have not dispensed “meat in due season” and the ultimate result will be the appearance of multitudes of believers before the Lord, at His judgment seat, in the same condition as the foolish virgins. Let us, therefore, spend time at the feet of our Lord, study, understand and obey His word as taught and brought to remembrance by the INDWELLING Spirit and always yield to Him and progressively be FILLED with the Spirit and thereby become worthy to enter into His glorious kingdom.

POURING of the Spirit

In the present contexts, in addition to the INDWELLING and FILLING of the Holy Spirit we must also understand clearly the meaning of the POURING of the Holy Spirit. The POURING of the Spirit is mentioned in many parts of the Old Testament. A few of them are quoted below.

The land shall be desolate, until the Spirit be POURED upon us from high… then justice shall dwell… righteousness remain and… peace, quietness and assurance forever. And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation and in sure dwelling places. (Isa.32: 12-18)

Yet now hear, O Jacob, my servant and Israel, whom I have chosen… I will POUR my Spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring, and they shall spring up as among the grass, like willows by the water courses… Thus saith the Lord, the King of Israel… ye are even my witnesses. (Isa.44: 1-8).

Then shall they know that I am the Lord, their God, who caused them to be led into captivity among the nations; but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there, Neither will I hide my face any more from them; for I have POURED OUT my Spirit upon the house of Israel saith the Lord God. (Exek.39: 28,29)

In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem… and it shall come to pass, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. And I will POUR upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and of supplications; and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced… In that day there shall be great mourning in Jerusalem, …and the land shall mourn, every family apart… In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and uncleanness. (Zech.12: 8-13:1).

And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord, your God, and none else, and my people shall never be ashamed. And it shall come to pass afterward that I will POUR OUT my Spirit …in those days will I POUR OUT my Spirit. And I will show wonders… for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance… (Joel 2:27-32).

POURING of the Spirit is not for the Church

From all such Scripture references we can see clearly that the POURING OUT of the spirit is associated with that day on which the Lord Jesus Christ will come in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. It will be the day on which He will send His angels and gather together His elect, the people of Israel from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matt.24: 29-34). Thus the POURING of the Spirit will occur on that day on which all the people of Israel will see the Lord Jesus and return back to their land with true repentance, (Deut.30: 3-6, Jer.12: 14,15, Ezek.36: 24-28) and dwell peacefully in the land. (Ezek.28: 25,26, Ezek.37: 11-14).

The Church consisting of all believers of the present dispensation, will be raptured at least 7 years before this POURING OUT of the Spirit occurs. The POURING OUT of the Spirit and the accompanied signs and wonders will not occur as long as the Church exists on the earth. In the present dispensation of the church all believers have the INDWELLING Holy Spirit in them. And when these believers patiently yield to God’s word, they continually receive the FILLING of the Holy Spirit and become worthy to receive the crown and reign with our Lord on His return. (James 1:3-5,12). We should never look for a POURING OUT of the Spirit within the church. We should not expect signs and wonders or miraculous removal of our present problems. If we suffer (patiently endure), we shall also reign with Him, (2Tim.2: 12). If so be that we suffer with Him, we may be also glorified together. (Rom.8: 17).


We are living very near the end of the present dispensation, immediately preceding Christ’s return. Satan knowing well that his time is short, is very active in his attempt to retain his hold on the kingdom. Satan is furiously attacking those believers who are being prepared to shortly enter the kingdom and replace Satan and his angels. He doing everything within his power to prevent these believers from being FILLED with the Spirit and thereby become worthy to reign with their Lord. Satan approaches these believers in a deceptive manner and he uses wrong interpretations of the Word of God, resulting in an incorrect understanding about the FILLING of the Holy Spirit. And due to this the FILLING of the Spirit is being counterfeited.

This counterfeiting is being accomplished (by Satan) through certain false teachers. These deceived false teachers are claiming that there in now a restoration of the power and work of the Holy Spirit as it occurred during the opening years of the present dispensation. The central focus and emphasis of their false message is upon a work of the Spirit (POURING of the Spirit) similar to the experience of the one hundred and twenty on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:2-4. That which is really required for us today is not such a POURING but the FILLING of the Spirit in keeping with that taught by comparing Eph.5: 18-20 with Col.3: 16,17.

Why did POURING occur in Acts chapter two?

The wrong ideas prevailing today concerning the work of the Holy Spirit, results from a failure to understand the correct meaning of Acts 2:2-4. This section of scripture has to do with POURING OUT of the Holy Spirit in accordance with Joel’s prophecy. (Acts 2:16-21). It refers to the conditions, which will be brought to pass in the midst of Israel, after the rapture of the Church. It will happen during the beginning of the Messianic Era. (Joel 2:28-32). In Acts chapter two, the Kingdom of the Heavens was reoffered to Israel and Joel’s prophecy “began” to be fulfilled. Only three thousand Jews responded to Peter’s command in Acts 2:38, the nation as a whole continued as before – unrepentant and unbelieving. Had the nation heeded to Peter’s command, there would have been “a complete fulfillment” of Joel’s prophecy. The Lord Jesus Christ would have returned, the Messianic Era would have been ushered in, (Acts 3:19,20) and the Spirit of God would have been POURED OUT “upon all flesh”. But this could not happen because of Israel’s unbelief and disobedience.

Why did POURING occur in some New Testament Churches?

The offer of the Kingdom then remained open to Israel for slightly more than thirty additional years. In those years, God made a concerted effort to make Israel accept this offer. He did this by, “provoking them to jealousy with those who are not a people.” (Deut, 32:21,Rom.11: 11,13,14). This is the reason why the POURING of the Holy Spirit and relative experiences can be found in a few other parts of the Book of Acts. (Acts 4:8,31; 9:17; 10:44-47; 13:9; 19:5,6). The POURING of the Holy Spirit and connected gifts and miracles also occurred for the same reason in some churches during that period. But ultimately, as soon as the offer of the kingdom was withdrawn (about 63 AD), the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy was also set aside. This was followed shortly thereafter by the destruction of Jerusalem (70AD) and the subsequent scattering of the Jews throughout the Gentile nations. Joel’s prophecy cannot be fulfilled even in part today, until the Jews are regathered by the Lord on His return. The present work of the Holy Spirit among believers, rather than according to Acts 2:2-4, can only be in accordance with Eph.5: 18-20 and Col.3: 16,17.

Not POURING but FILLING is necessary today.

Two different work of the Holy Spirit are in view, (1) POURING which cannot presently occur, and (2) FILLING which is presently necessary for a believer. But today many believers are being deprived of what is really necessary for them. They are deceived by Satan’s introduction of an attractive counterfeit message and experiences giving them a false, emotional satisfaction. This counterfeit message together with supernatural signs, wonders and miracles exists today because of Satan’s misinterpretation of the Work of God. All this is from the power of Satan and his angels.(of spirits and not of the Holy Spirit) Those who advocate such experiences call it as “a renewal” or POURING of the Holy Spirit but there cannot be a meeting with the bridegroom and entry into His joy without the extra portion (FILLING) of the Oil. So the deception in this realm has to be looked upon as one of the deadliest of all deceptions faced by beleivers today.


  • A believer is sealed and INDWELT by the Holy Spirit from the time of his salvation.
  • A believer must progressively be FILLED with the Holy Spirit by yielding to the Word of God so that he can become worthy to enter into the coming glorious kingdom of Christ.
  • A believer should not look for a POURING of the Holy Spirit associated with signs, wonders and miracles which cannot exist today.
  • The real POURING OUT of the Spirit will occur only in the midst of the people of Israel when our Lord regathers and restores them to their land on His glorious return