The exceeding righteousness


His righteous act accomplished on our behalf

To receive eternal life we have to simply believe on the work accomplished on our behalf by our Lord on the cross of Calvary (Acts 16:30, 31; John 3:16; 1:12; Rom.5:1). No man can ever add anything to it by his own works.

Our righteous acts

But if we want to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens, the Lord demands that our righteous works should exceed the righteous works of scribes and Pharisees. The Pharisees strictly observe the laws mentioned in Matt.5:21, 27, 33, 38 and 43. But we who have become the children of God, purchased by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, must exceed the Pharisees in works of righteousness. God desires to see the likeness and image of His son formed in all His children (Rom.8:29; Gal.4:19).

Not according to our works (righteous acts)

When we were “saved by grace through faith” (Eph.2:8) we were saved from the eternal punishment of being cast into the lake of fire, to be tormented in it forever and ever (Rev.19:20; 20:10, 15). This was obtained freely, because of the righteousness accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ on our behalf on the cross.

Entering into His kingdom

But, now, if we should enter into His millennial kingdom, the kingdom in which the glory and majesty of our Lord is going to be fully manifested, our righteousnesses should exceed the righteous works of the scribes and Pharisees. If our nature is not being transformed day by day into the image and likeness of the Son of God, we will in no way enter into that glorious kingdom.

The following three messages, explain about this exceeding righteousness which should be found in us.

1) Righteousness, His and ours

2) Righteousness of David

3) Righteousness of Phinehas