Righteousness of Phinehas



In the last two messages, we have seen about the “exceeding” righteousness (Matt.5:20), which is necessary to make us worthy to enter into the kingdom of the heavens. First, we saw it as explained by our Lord in Matthew Chapter Five. Secondly we saw it vividly portrayed in the attitude of David towards Saul. Now, finally, we see it in Phinehas’ passion for holiness.


A striking example of this exceeding righteousness was displayed in the zeal and action of Phinehas in Numbers 25. It was a time of widespread licentious idolatry in the camp of Israel. Very many of them were taken in the snare and the rest were either complacent or inactive. Never was the vice more daring than it was in Zimri, a prince of a chief house in the tribe of Simeon. He publicly appeared leading a Midianitish harlot in the sight of Moses and other leaders and all the good people of Israel. What a bold defiance against the justice of the nation! What an open insult to the Holy God in the midst of His people! Phinehas the priest, being aware of the insolence of Zimri, in a holy indignation at the offenders, rose up from prayers, took a javelin in his hand, followed those impudent sinners into their tent and stabbed both of them through. Phinehas showed extraordinary zeal against sin, at a time when all the people around were either indulging in the sin or were inactive against it. God was particularly well pleased with his zealous act and counted it unto him for righteousness unto all generations for evermore. (Psalm 106:30, 31). God made a covenant of everlasting priesthood with Phinehas for he was zealous for his God. (Numb.25:13).


These days are in many ways comparable to the days of Numbers 25. We are surrounded with rampant selfishness, covetousness, pride and unholiness. Many possess only an outward form of holiness without the inward power of it. (2Tim.3:1-5). They draw near unto God with their mouth and honor Him with their lips but their heart is far away from God. Dear reader, what is your true spiritual condition? Life on earth appears to be impossible without giving room for bribery, lying, deceit and fraud. (Micah 6:10-12, 7:2-4). Are you also yielding to these evils which prevail around you? Like Phinehas we must be filled with zeal for the holiness and truth of God. Whatever losses or suffering may come, we must claim the grace of God, and live a sincere life, well pleasing in the sight of God, so that we may be counted worthy to enter into the glorious kingdom of our Lord.


The Lord wants us to be kings and priests in His kingdom. If we should be counted worthy to enter into that kingdom, we must have, like David, the king, a clean heart devoid of even the traces of anger, hatred or ill-will against any brother; we must be, like Phinehas, the priest, actively zealous against the corruption that prevails around us. Then only we can stand before the Judgment seat of Christ, and with all reverence solicit, “Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness and according to mine integrity that is in me.” (Psalm 7:8) If we have not yielded our life to our Lord and to His word, permitting Him to bring about deep inward transformations in us, we will be speechless in front of His Judgment seat. (Matt.22:12). Consequently we will be cast outside the kingdom. We well have no part in the power and great glory of our Lord during the 1000 years of His Millennial Reign.